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Year 2 LOC2: Locomotor 2


In Locomotor 2, you will use your knowledge of the musculoskeletal and dermatology systems from the first year to understand what can go wrong in disease and injury. The bony skeleton supports the body and helps to protect the internal organs. In the normal state, the joints allow smooth controlled movements and the muscles provide the contractile force. Disorders of the musculoskeletal system cover a wide range of medical and surgical conditions.

Most severe traumatic problems, such as fractures and many mechanical and developmental disorders are treated by orthopaedic surgery. Severe joint disorders are the province of the rheumatologists. The vast majority of minor traumatic and arthritic conditions are looked after on a day to day basis by the GP with or without the help of specialists. Locomotor 2 will cover the basics of trauma care, orthopaedic surgery, the pharmacology of the treating musculoskletal disease and the management of pain. There will also be clinical skills sessions on the assessment of the locomotor system. 


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